Mississippi Woman's Letter To The Supreme Court

Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
Roe V. Wade

My name is Amy Nobles. I'm a Mississippi Native and this is my story and plea to the Supreme Court.

In 2013 not long after moving to Louisiana from Mississippi with my oldest child and (then) husband, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl via c-section.

As I was still healing from major surgery being held together by staples and stitches, I was raped repeatedly by my (then) husband, and soon after was hospitalized. While in the hospital for three days, I found out my gallbladder was at risk of rupture, and they couldn't do emergency surgery, because I had become pregnant.

In the weeks following, I packed up what I could and fled with my two children back to Mississippi to live in a battered women's shelter in Hattiesburg. I was traumatized, sick, homeless, and hiding from my abuser while knowing at any time, my gallbladder could rupture causing complications, possibly leading to my death leaving my young children in his custody.

It was then I made the most difficult decision in my life, to have an abortion.

I contacted Jackson Mississippi Women’s Health Organization Health Clinic (otherwise known as the Pinkhouse) where I found out it would be around $600 for the procedure. 

Being homeless with only my car to my name, I began calling hotlines for assistance. I saved up enough money for the first trip to the clinic for an ultrasound and counseling (then required by MS law) but, I still was short hundreds of dollars for my procedure.

I never thought I would find myself sitting in the office of Mississippi's only abortion health clinic crying, scared, and explaining my situation to the staff. 

How I pregnant as a result of rape, sick at risk of dying, and homeless with my two children. I was terrified from one moment to the next. By the hard work of these women and their supporting organizations they found funding me for to have an abortion. 

The next day, I drove all the way back to Jackson from Hattiesburg where I was once again met with pro-birth protesters yelling that I was a "baby killer" and "murderer".

The only thing on my mind at that time was protecting and saving the two children I already had.

I was escorted in and out the building by a woman holding a boombox playing classic rock, doing all she could in that small window of time to simply lift my spirits. I believe she was trying to distract me from the mostly White men surrounding the building to yell, harass, and peak over the blacked out fence with loud speaker phones and cameras. 

Their anger and aggression that day still gives me flashbacks to my abuse. 

After my procedure, I went back to the women's shelter in Hattiesburg to recover. Not even three weeks later, I was rushed to the hospital by an EMT where Dr's performed two back to back surgeries in order to remove my gallbladder and three stones.

Had I not had an abortion, they wouldn’t have been able to perform those surgeries, and I would have died.

During my time spent at the Women's Shelter I received group and one-on-one therapy. I was given legal resources where I obtained a lawyer who over the next two years helped me file a permanent no contact order for myself and two children against our abuser after our divorce. 

Now, at the age of 32, my children and I are safe. I’m disabled, partly from the physical, mental, and emotional trauma I endured in those two years of my marriage.

I've had a miscarriage, two children, and an abortion.

I know the experience of feeling like you've lost a life, given life, and in some people's minds, taken a life.

I'm asking that The Supreme Court hear my story and consider mine and many other stories like mine, when deciding to take away a person's right to choose. I'm not a killer. I'm not a criminal. I'm just a mother, who had to make a very difficult decision. 

The hospital in Louisiana where a social worker helped me escape my abuser with my two children saved our lives. The Women’s Shelter in Hattiesburg who kept us safe, saved our lives. The Hospital in Hattiesburg Mississippi who performed my surgeries saved my life.

The Jackson Mississippi Women’s Health Organization and the women who operate the Health Clinic saved my life, so I could save my 3 year old son, and my then 3 month old daughter.

I’m not asking that you take away a person's right to say "NO" to an abortion. 

So please, don't take away my right to say "YES". 


Amy J Nobles